How does it work?

The work of the project is based on Ethereum smart contract, as a guarantee of its long and stable work.

Ethereum smart contract technology revealed to humanity the ability to build a trusting relationship without involving a third party.

This gives a new, previously unthinkable possibilities in the field of Finance. Our automated model for distribution of cryptocurrency spelled out in a smart contract, and deployed to Ethereum network with rejection of the possession, nobody will be able to affect his eternal stand-alone operation.

We know how many of these projects were closed because the holes in the contract. Therefore, before starting the project, we have carefully studied, analyzed and eventually a few dozen times made sure that Our contract is safe. He also passed the audit by independent experts and, as in our opinion and in the opinion of the auditors, is one of the best among his competitors.


Where the money come from?

The project allocates funds to its investors so that all investors receive a uniform profit. We use a dynamic distribution system of the contributions of users. Contract dynamically distributes the funds, analyzing such variables as the frequency of deposits, the amount of contributors, average contribution, the frequency of payment, average payment per member, etc. Depending on the activity of the project, the contract finds the optimal way of distribution of profit. All you need to know our members - the more contributors, the greater the profit from the project, and the longer the project operates.

The distribution of the budget


of all contributions are used to pay investors


go to advertising budget to support the influx of new investors.

What steps is required to begin to make a profit?

  1. First you need to get wallet Ethereum.

    You can use Metamask, or MyEtherWallet. These services provide safe and free to create and use Ethereum-wallet without downloading the whole blockchain.

  2. Enter personal account by entering your wallet code

    Because the whole system is decentralized and transparent - users do not have usernames and passwords. Interaction with the project is using a smart contract.

  3. Following the instructions in the personal Cabinet, locate the address of our contract.
  4. Using the functionality of your purse - put any amount to the address of the smart contract. For a successful transfer you need to specify Gas-price: 20, + Gas-limits: 200 000.

    After successful receipt of the transfer - contribution is automatically credited and the savings will start to arrive in your account within 10 minutes. The amount of fees will depend on your Deposit amount
    You can't transfer funds to a contract from cryptocurrency exchanges. Transfer money only from your personal wallet.

  5. Check the contribution in the personal Cabinet.

    If you do not see balance - possibly transaction is not passed, or passed with the error. Check out, or email us support.

  6. Withdraw the first accumulation. Just send 0 ETH to contract address

    Withdraw function will start if participants send zero funds to contract.